SPHERE is an interactive installation which was displayed for the first time and in its first version at the conference Alibis for interaction in Landskrona (Sweden) 24-25/10 2013.http://alibisforinteraction.se
Inside the sphere the visual and sonic input shifts, creating the notion of being in space, and being inside a womb. The sound is a mix of sonifications from space ( the sound of Earth and stardust etc ) from NASA. and the human body (heartbeat from a baby in the third trimester), and texts about elementary particles and astrophysical phenomenons read by actors David Weiss, Luisa Stanesczu and Henrik Andersson. It’s possible to change the projections, the sound and the experience depending on the available space. The aim is a playful and relaxing reminder of how we’re all built up by particles, the spacelike features on photos from inside wombs, and similarities between behaviours in elementary particles and humans – micro and macro level. Invitations to enter one at a time are distributed, and the visitors are asked to pass the invitations on after the experience. 

Sphere is produced by Tidsrum in a collaboration between the scenographer Sarah Piyanna Cederstrand and Maria Reihs.

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